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             Martin Luther King believes all people are interdependent and therefore should work together to build a better world. International cohesion is a base of friendship among nations. However human beings often want to be independent from each other.
             I think that interdependence is a modern way to live. People would help to each other in various situations. They also would learn and share their experiences. And by the way such friendly connections among nationalities would avoid race conflicts.
             Back to the "Stone Age" early human beings survived because of close connections among their society. Somebody said solidarity at work is a key to success for a company. Another proof to Dr. King's wisdom isn't it?.
             Many people gain their experiences trough the parents, education and co-workers.
             Parents, teachers and co-workers share their knowledge with everybody. Together they do, make life easier. There are lots of examples when united scientists found cure to a difficult decease or invented something to help others. .
             People are selfish, but they cannot exist independently. As much we learn from other people, culture, trusts, as much intelligent we would be. Knowledge and understanding would keep us far away from wars. Dr King was absolutely right when said: "We are our brother's brother, whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.".

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