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            Imagine walking into a dance club and feeling like you are floating through the door and hovering over the crowd. As you enter the dance floor the music and the lights slam your senses and send your body into overload. The music sounds more real, as if it was inside your head playing only for you. The lights are unbelieveably bright and they seem to hypnotize you. You step on the dance floor and the crowd swallows you in. Your body begins to move to the music without you even thinking about it. The music seems to be perfect and the crown around seems to be in perfect harmony with you and the music and lights. You dance with many people and you seem to have the perfect moves to go with any song that is played. Your mouth in constantly dry and you find yourself drinking gallons of water to keep from dehydrating. You dance all night long, loving every minute of your roll. Your senses are in a state of complete magnification and you love every minute of it. This is ECS!.
             There is a new drug taking over in this millennium. This drug is different than drugs of the past. It is used by the younger generation, by clubbers, and generally by young people looking for a good time and a great high. Ecstasy has changed the way we look at drugs. Its not physically addictive and for the most part it is only used when people go out, to a party or a dance club. This drug is very popular and it has many people worried. No one really knows what it does to the body yet, and there are always rumors of death from taking these pills. Throughout this paper I will give the facts on ecstasy, its role in society, and its effects on human body.
             First off I"m going to tell what ecstasy really is. The chemical makeup of ecstasy is, (C11H15NO2). The name for this compound is Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine or MDMA. One of the most challenging things that law enforcement is facing is the fact that this drug is easy to make and distribute.

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