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Parrellel Journey

            Parrellel Journey is a book about two different people with two different lives during WWII. One is Helen Waterford who is a Jewish girl. The other is Alfons Hecks who is a German in the Hitler Youth. Hitler Youth is the Nazi's national organization for young Germans.
             Kids joined the Hitler Youth. It was for kids who were too young to join the army. Alfons joined the Hitler Youth at the age of ten.
             Kids in the Hitler Youth were feeling very powerful. People in charge of the Hitler Youth seem to have brainwashed the young kids. Hitler wanted to take over the world. Everyone was for it, even Alfons.
             Alfons received the rank "C," which is the highest flight rank. One day a man came up to Alfons and told him to be ready for a meeting at 6:00 in the morning. The same man picked up Alfons in the morning. He was taken to meet Adolf Hitler. Alfons was very amazed to see his idol.
             Some Germans did not like Hitler. Someone tried to kill him with a bomb in a meeting. The man put the bomb under Hitler's chair. The bomb did not kill him. Hitler killed many Germans who he suspected to have had anything to do with it. The war finally ended and Alfons went back home. Alfons burned everything that had to do with the Hitler Youth. He had to hide the evidence. Alfons then finally moved to Canada.
             Helen lived in Germany. She moved to Amsterdam in fear of war. She moved with her husband Siegfred. Helen got pregnant and had a girl named Doris. There they were safe until Hitler started to move up towards the Netherlands. Helen and Siegfred finally went into hiding. Their daughter Doris was put into a faster home. Helen and Seigfred thought it would be best.
             Helen and Siegfred got captured. Helen found out that a lady had turned them in, in fear of getting caught. When they were captured they were sent to a concentration camp. Here at then concentration camps they were separated. They never saw each other again.

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