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bless me ultima

             Twenty-five hundred and fifty-five days later, I checked the calendar on my wall. I had twenty -nine hundred and twenty days in a mandatory fifteen year prison sentence.
             But this particular day was special. What made this day special was simply that it would be different than the rest. In fifteen minutes, I would be walking out of this cell, down the corridor, and out the doors. I would start a new life. I just can't wait to get out of here and hug my man Midnight who like always looks sexy and fly. whom. I was about to enjoy myself as a model type of girl, straight out of the pages of a high fashion magazine. Dressed in the new white Versace slinky dress with a matching white Dolce and Gabana leather stilettos. That Midnight picked out for me. Just like always I would be paid out the ass. Midnight would be waiting for me in the new car, just like he had promised. A big black 600 series Mercedes Benz with black tinted windows. .
             Everybody in here wanted me to be sure to tell them everything about the people I saw outside as soon as I returned to visit them. Other than Midnight no one would ever came and visit me. They didn't want to take an almost eight-hour trek to this joint, which damn near sits in Canada. In the seven years that I've been serving time, I never received one visit. Maybe because I got enough family and friends on the inside. That's why I didn't get no visits. Everybody's already in here. As far as mail goes, I got letters from Santiaga , that's it. We just always gonna be closed like that.
             I would definitely miss all of the fighting that didn't mean anything to me. There was no nervousness or nothing. I just did whatever was necessary. But me Nathalie, Zakia, Chante and a bunch of Brooklyn girls got a crew up in there. We got a little names for ourselves. Even Simone was tryna be down with my clique for her own protection. She finally stopped blaming me for the death of her daughter.

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