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television violence

             In the article, The Violence Is Fake; The Impact Is Real by Ellen Goodman, the author mentions how violence on television influences kids into committing acts of violence. Goodman mentions how children are learning how to hit or hurt from watching television. She also says how, in Japan, that if violence is shown, they show the consequences of it. At last, the author states that if violence occurs the pain or suffering should be displayed also. I think that violence is everywhere on television today. I also think that when kids constantly see violence being portrayed without consequences, it can become real and become a part of their everyday life and this violence can have a lasting effect on them.
             Violence seems to be a part of everyday life. You can not turn on your television without a mention of some kind of violence. It is in cartoons, in drama shows, on the news, and in real life. For a child, seeing violence on their favorite programs seems to be acceptable behavior to them. For example, in cartoons when the bad guy gets blown up or shot at it always seems that the bad guy becomes the role model when he suddenly appears unharmed.
             When portraying violence on television, it should be done in a realistic view. I believe if a child is shown the pain and suffering of violence causes not only the individual but to those around them. A child might think twice before committing an act of violence against someone because of it. For example, if a child was to be shown how a person really suffers or how they could go to jail for their actions, it may help them make better choices when thinking of committing an act of violence.
             No one escapes the consequences of violence. Family and friends are always effected by a child's actions. The effects can be life lasting and devastating to everyone involved. The solution seems easy. If violence on television is portrayed in a realistic way, I"m sure kid's lives could be altered.

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