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Capitalism:suffering society

             In the Communist manifesto, Karl Marx analyzed society and shows its readers how social inequalities are created. Marx believed that communism would create a classless society, give freedom, and equality in the social and economic status of the people. Marx idea of communism is far from being achieved in many countries. However, Marx also comments that capitalism, which undoubtedly does exist, has not been proven false. As a result capitalism exploit's the working class, women are being badly treated, and it has created a bad quality of life for the proletarian family. In the novel The Jungle, Sinclair is able to prove Marx perspectives through Jurgis and his family and show how capitalism has affected their lives. .
             Marx explains that under capitalism, proletarians are the class of modern wage laborers who have no means of production of their own. They are being exploited and even transformed into commodities for the advantage of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie according to Marx are "the class of modern capitalist owners of the means of production and employers of wage labor"(79). The Bourgeoisie has greater power that gives them the ability to humiliate the working class by keeping them oppress and allowing them to work in bad conditions. For example Jurgis who worked long hours, found himself still not being able to prosper and gain success in his work. Jurgis's father worked in bad conditions all his life. Ultimately these working conditions killed him, he never reached middle class status. In Sinclair's novel we are able to shoe Marx's idea that workers were used as commodities and that the bourgeois only lived by their investments. In Packington, Durham who had power according to Sinclair "was trying to make as much money out of it as he could, and did not care in the least how he did it it was the men who had to do all the dirty jobs"(63). Men faced the humiliation and cruel conditions just to earn as Marx supports Sinclair "the average price of wage labor is the minimum wage, that quantum of the means of subsistence, which is absolutely requisite to keep the labores in bare existence as a laborer (68-69).

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