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            After a long hard day at Cross Country race, a group of teammates and I planned to head out for dinner. Mark, Tien, Earl, and I decided to dine at a restaurant called "The Grasshopper Den-. It was the only restaurant in town which served a variety of exotic dishes from countries all over the world. What also appealed to us was the fact that the restaurant was located next to a waterfall and a fabricated jungle like environment. The ride was a short one; it took less than five minutes in total, which made it even more convenient on our appetite to eat. .
             The parking lot was located a good two minute walk on a dirt path from the actual restaurant. Wild plants and flowers grew on both side of the path and insect and wild animal noises made the change from normal suburbia to something equivalent to the dense jungles in South America. The actual building gave the impression that it was made of bamboo but in actuality the bamboo was just there to add to the effect. The actual building structure was built from stone. Well placed overgrown grass and trees surrounded the building in a semicircular formation. .
             The front doors were made of glass and were tinted a very calm shade of green. Directly after we entered there was a fountain to our right to wash our hands. We all washed our hands to clean ourselves from germs and other particles like just. In most countries it is a custom to cleanse ones whole body before eating but we had to settle for just washing our hands (Visser 103). There were no signs outside which identified the restaurant only until we entered the door did we see a sign which said "The Grasshopper Den-. Bamboo was used to create the lettering on the sign. The first major observation we made was that the color green was used for everything, from the carpeting to the ceiling. To me green is a color repeated over and over again in nature so the use of green means that the restaurant is attempting to add a feeling of a natural occurring environment.

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