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             Working Your Way to Becoming A Pro Football Player.
             Anybody in this class could be a football player, but not just anybody can make it to the pro, or even play here at Urbana University. Everybody has some sort of athletic ability, whether it's riding a horse or wrestling. The ability within is just a matter of the atmosphere you were raised in. In order to become a pro-football player you have to go through one main stage of the sport, ant that's competing at the collegiate level. However, before college you have to have some experience, knowledge and talent.
             Most people play football while they are young, and it is just something to do. At this time of your life, while you"re a child playing football and other sports is just something for you to do and keep you active. While you may be just playing football, to keep you busy, it is still the most influential time of your life. It is the point where you decide if you want to work or quit.
             During middle school, you pick up the mental fundamentals of the sports while taking on the more serious part of the game. As you go through your middle school years, football is more of a social activity with stronger and more talented people your age. As a kid, you get away with being lackadaisical or even non-assertive in the sport. But as you find out, the coaches do not allow it. Your ability at this level is beginning to show and is also being developed and critiqued. It is being critiqued simply to find the ideal position on the football team for you, as you will find out, while being influenced repeatedly and directed towards your position, made for you. In the sport of football, each person is designed specifically for a certain position. An Offensive linemen or Defensive linemen are fat. Wide receivers or defensive backs are skinny and fast. So after middle school the position attached to you is the position you will most likely play throughout the rest of your career.

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