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            In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and the protagonist. Hamlet through out Hamlet is contemplating the revenge for his father's death. Hamlet is indecisive, hesitant, and contemplative yet at other times impulsive. In Hamlet, Shakespeare defines some of Hamlet's characteristics through Laertes, Fortinbras, and Horatio's persona and actions.
             Hamlet begins with Hamlet being 30 years old, King Hamlet dead, Claudius married to Gertuade and the estate of Norwegian in preparation for war against Denmark. .
             Hamlet characteristics are seen at the beginning of Hamlet, we are able to tell he is indecisive, contemplative and impulsive before act 3 ends. When Hamlet was told of the ghost his instant response is to see the ghost. In act 1, scene 5 we discover, because of the ghost, that King Claudius murdered late King Hamlet. Hamlet's immediate reaction in Act 1, scene 5 is to avenge his father's death, " So uncle, there you are. Now to my word| It is "adieu, adieu! Remember me.| I have sworn't" (111-113). Hamlet's decision to avenge his father's death illustrates his impulsiveness. Later on in Act 3 scene 1 he is unsure of what the ghost represents "May be devil, and the devil hath power"( 554). Hamlet's uncertainty illustrates his indecisiveness and foreshadows his contemplative attitude. .
             Laertes is the son of Polonius and a soldier. He spends most of his time in France. Laertes" persona illustrates Hamlet's need to complete the task at hand (revenge) as well as Hamlet's impulsiveness. Like Hamlet, Laertes is a good warrior but spontaneous and seeks revenge for his father's death. In act 4, scene 7 he illustrates his need to avenge his father's death when he states .
             And so have I a noble father lost,.
             A sister driven into desperate terms,.
             Whose worth, if praises may go back again,.
             Stood challenger on mount of all age.
             For her perfection. But my revenge will come.

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