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A Rose For Emily

             1 There is a romantic union between blacks and whites, which gets destroyed because most people think that the relationship is wrong due to the fact of jealousy, power, and hatred. The play "Othello" written by William Shakespeare showed us a great combination of three. Moreover he showed us how evil can corrupt the good. Thru his writing we learn how things can be planted in your mind and how you drive by those emotions on which you have no control over. Othello was a great lesson of mistakes and it provide us with many examples of mistakes made by character that a reader can learn from. .
             The main characters of the play had a great significance. Othello and Iago, one protagonist and another antagonist had a great deal of comparison. Othello had a commanding, leading, confident and trustworthy character. Iago was opposite of him, he was full of rage, hatred and jealousy. He also was a traitor, unloyal and worthless person who only knew how to grow conflict among people. On the other hand we see some similarities in two characters. They both in a way were strong, ambitious and great warriors. There is no doubt that if one wanted something he had the ability to get it. For instance, Othello wanted to marry Desdemona, he did marry her. Whereas, Iago wanted to take revenge from Othello, he did succeed in his plans. .
             Othello's character during the play is first shown as a hero of war and a man of great confident, pride and courage. We can see his confident and great desire to marry Desdemona when he said, "Let him do his spite., I fetch my life and being from men of royal siege." (I. ii. 18-27). He has no concern about Desdemona's father and feels he can have whatever he wants because of his status. Othello is a good .
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