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More Joy In Heaven

             Kip Caley has an opportunity for a new life after prison. In fact, the senator takes Caley out of jail so that he could shape up and give life another shot. Yet like any tragedy, Kip's hopes, dreams, and efforts for starting a new life came to an end. Kip found what he is searching for in his new life. He spends too much time and with lack of guidance his life came to an end before he could grasp what he had always been looking for. I believe the senator is responsible for Caley's death. He got Caley into the mess he was later in, and later lost interest for his well-being. He was interested in kip for his own well-being.
             The senator is responsible for Caley's death, starting with the fact that he got Caley out of jail. The novel quotes this action as "irresponsible generosity" (pg.11). It was quite generous of the senator to give Caley a chance, yet Caley clearly wasn't ready for life in the real world. He had committed a serious crime that required a lot of time in jail repenting and reminiscing over what he had done. Caley wasn't ready to come back to the real world. This action was very irresponsible on the senators part. Although the senator was trying to be generous, his generosity was very irresponsible. .
             Not only was the senator very irresponsible for bringing Caley back into the real world, his intentions for Caley to have a new life weren't the promising intentions they were brought out to be. Although it seemed the senator was releasing Kip out of love and respect, it was merely an act to build his political image and to better his image in the public eye. Caley was finally convinced that the senator truly liked him as a person and wanted to help him get his life on track. Yet all of the senator's intentions were selfish ones.
             Caley didn't want his life observed by the public eye. He wanted to live a private and respectable life. He's also a go-getter. He wanted to be on the parole board to try to stop the downfalls of the penitentiary systems.

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