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Why Women Should Not Carry Gun

            In the past few decades, women have come a long way in American society.
             Nowadays, the average American woman leads an actively involved life, with .
             many more responsibilities and obligations than her ancestors. Women have .
             worked hard to achieve the status of equality that they have obtained. Linda .
             Hasselstrom believes that women should keep on striving for equality by being as .
             active in gun ownership as men. An intelligent, rational thinker would immediately .
             recognize that a pistol is not neccessary for a woman to gain respect, and is most .
             definitely not an appropriate way for a woman to protect herself. The average .
             woman does not need a gun due to the following factors: guns owned by civilians .
             actually instigate violence; there would not be enough time in her hectic schedule .
             to learn proper use of a pistol; and she is not likely to encounter a situation in .
             which a gun is the only way to save herself.
             A gun is a death wish. That is a simple, impactful, yet truthful statement. One can .
             never be too careful when a gun is in their possession. The average woman in .
             society has children, and every day a child is accidentally killed by a civilian .
             owned handgun. This is not neccessary and anyone would agree that a false sense .
             of protection by a piece of steel is not a worthy exchange for someone's life, .
             especially a young child. A gun requires a lot of attention and care due to the fact .
             that simply being careless could lead to a severe injury, or in most cases, death. .
             Owning a gun is taking a risk, and most women would agree that the risks .
             outweigh the rewards. Using a gun the wrong way can be a deadly mistake. In .
             Hasselstrom's case, she felt threatened by a man in a car beside her, so she felt .
             that the need to wave her gun for her own protection. This was a huge mistake. .
             The sight of a gun can bring out the defensive side of people. Hasselstrom is lucky .
             that this man did not own a gun as well, because he could have been armed as .

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