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            In life everyone tries to find his/her identity. For some it comes naturally , but for others it may take years to find. Some might not find it at all. In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God , Zora Neale Hurston reveals a woman's true identity through her struggles in life, her treatment by society, and her thoughts on life. .
             Janie is a young African American who grew up in a white lifestyle. She believed she was related to white people until she was around six " Ah was wid dem white chillun so much till Ah didn't know Ah wuzn't white till Ah was around six years old "( Hurston 8). This change made a exceptional impact on Janie's view on life. Even though she knew she could carry out the things she wanted to do, the color of her skin held her back. Although Janie worked hard to accomplish her own goals, she had a problem with trying to please others. When her grandmother insisted that she marry Logan Killicks , she did not want to, but Janie married him so she could fulfill her grandmother's dream. Even though Janie's grandmother told her she would eventually love Logan she did not so she ran off with Joe Starks, a man who knew who he was and dreamed of being a big voice. .
             While Janie was with Joe in Eatonville, she had a higher status than the rest of the town's people since she was the mayor's wife. A part of Janie's identity wanted to interact with them but Joe would not let her. " You'se Mrs. Mayor Starks, Janie. I god, Ah can't see what uh woman uh yo' stability would want tuh be treasurin' all dat gum-grease from folks dat don't even own de house dey sleep in. " By him thinking Janie was better than the town's people, it led to the way she was treated by society. All of the women in Eatonville thought she had everything , but Janie did not. She did not have control over her own identity and she did not have the privilege of being accepted by them. When Joe died people expected her to be mournful, so instead of her looking as if she was rollicking with the springtime, she put on an act and sent her face to Joe's funeral.

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