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Media in Society

             The results of exposure to media are apparent if you glance at a small group of young women gathered in the high street. Many people argue that media influence is the principle cause of teenage eating disorders. The media's main effects in my view are fashion and it's ideal bodies, eating disorders and child violence.
             Throughout history and in every culture, women have changed their image to achieve a perfect figure. The ancient Chinese people bound the feet, the women of the 1800's used corsets so tight they rearranged all the internal organs. The volumptous curves of the sixties and the anorexic appearance of the children of the eighties. All these era's were created by someone's view on the ideal body. Today, the toned and slender look is being advertised in American and European fashion publications. You merely have to flick through a Vogue or Cosmopolitan to see the image that is being forced on today's young adult society. All through magazines like Girlfriend and Dolly there are appearances of starved and gaunt models that all look exactly the same, when the same items are telling us it doesn't matter what we look like! Television has many thin pretty women acting on soaps directed at today's young adult population. Would you watch Home and Away if it had horrendously ugly or even normal people acting? Of course, attraction to the opposite sex plays a big part in how we model ourselves, but shouldn't it be what is on the inside that counts? Are mere appearances going to hold a relationship together? Hopefully, the offspring of the current time might develop a fashion for normal women, with pimple, dimples and the whole package included.
             Eating disorders are a large problem. As a result of figure fashion, many women and men are starving themselves to achieve the perfect stature. Anorexia nervosa has doubled in the last two decades, bulimia is seen as a sly way of depriving the body of food and binge eating is apparent in almost every society.

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