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next steps

             Suppose you have been waiting your whole life to meet "Mr. You knew exactly what you wanted him to be. And one day, he walks right into your life. He is everything you expected, and so much more!! He says everything at the right time, and in just the right way. He is the best looking man you have ever laid eyes on in your entire life, he's sweet, sincere, has a great personality, and respects you in every way. But you think to yourself, "He would never want me". The next thing you know, he asks you on a date. He falls madly in love with you. How are you going to keep this dream guy interested in you? How will you keep the relationship together? What will be your next steps? .
             My name is Lyndsay Ward and this talk is entitled Next Steps. .
             There are a lot of challenges you may face when you return home to your family, school, work, or church. .
             1. You may feel lonely or feel like you don't fit in with your friends. .
             Things may look different to you. Even though your friends and social environment hasn't changed, you have. Most people won't be interested in your experience.
             2. The emotion of the three days may wear off. What will you do then? What will still be real and stay with you? Will you remember the commitments you have made this weekend? How will you use this weekend as a step for an even closer walk with God? You have encountered God in a unique way in these three days. This experience may change your life forever, or you could let it fade away and forget what God has done for you and opened your eyes to. IT ALL DEPENDS NOT ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THESE THREE DAYS BUT WHAT YOU DO WITH IT IN YOUR NEXT STEPS. .
             3. The 3rd challenge you may encounter is experiencing doubt about the reality of the things you experienced and heard here. .
             Don't let doubt defeat you, accept it, and seek to understand it. Doubt doesn't mean your faith is gone. Instead, it is seeking understanding and it can help you grow spiritually.

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