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Steps In Purchasing A Mobile Home

            There are a variety of steps involved in purchasing land and a mobile home. From clearing land to landscaping requires many hours of hard work. You will be faced with obstacles and financial situations that you will have to over come in order to make a house a home. .
             The first step in buying a home is to decide where to live; most mobile home dealers only sell the mobile homes. It is normally up to the buyer to find their own land. Once the land is located, it is time to arrange for a construction loan to pay for all the necessary additional expenses. It is not just buying the home, but all the other steps that are such a hassle. This is where hard work is involved. First find a home that is suitable for your needs. It is the buyer's decision how to finance the mobile home. The buyer has several options. They can self finance the expenses or rely on another company to take care of securing financing. In approximately thirty days the financer can get the loan approved and closed.
             The next step is preparing the land. Once the buyer decides on their mobile home they will need to get the land ready for the home. Land has to be perked to see how many feet of lateral lines for the septic system the home will need. A perk test cost about three hundred dollars. Be aware that all land will not perk. If it does not, then the next step is to take an alternative route. This can cost approximately five thousand dollars.
             Once the land has perked, a dozier service needs to be hired to clear the land. While clearing the land, inspect the home for any additional work that may be required. .
             Only remove as few of the trees as possible. Next decide where the home should be placed. A pad will have to be built to hold the home, and then runners have to be installed to set the home on. Tie-downs are used to secure the home to the land. They are anchored into the concrete runners. This helps the home to withstand high winds.

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