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Santa Claus

            It was a week before Christmas and Santa Claus is very grumpy. He's grumpy because he's been sent too many orders from all the little children and a lot of them are very large.He need's time off work because he's getting very old and so were his machines (he needed new ones).
             "HO HO HO AND A MERRY OLD FOE".
             he shouted as he went into the toy making room. A little elf came up to him and in a squeaky voice, he said "Santa we need new machines - 5 of them have already broke down and it's only 7am". Santa walked in and started looking into the machines with a little bit of Christmas Magic he fixed the machines, after about 5 minutes they broke down again. There was a lot of chattering going on in the room between the elfs and suddenly broke out into massive shouts. "We're going on strike, we're going on strike" Santa was horrified and started to cry. All the elfs hurried out of the room.
             The next day was the 18th of December, Santa went into the room and groaned "HO HO HO AND A MERRY OLD FOE". There was a sudden rattle in the left and there it was again and again, the ceiling cracked and then broke, hundreds of boxes's fell down, "AAAAHHHHH" cried Santa. Santa opened all the box's, thousands of fairies flew out. "We resign" they said "We don't stay in box's all year until Christmas and then get put back in after" they flew out, Santa cried again and fell asleep.
             The next morning Santa woke up he said to himself "What am I going to do" he thought and thought and thought, after a few hours, he decided to ring the Christmas Magician. Santa rang the magician and said "Come over quickly it's an emergency".
             The Magician used some magic and transported himself to the city of Toyland and went to Santa's Grotto. "Hi Santa" said the magician, Santa said back to him "Help me, the elfs and fairies have run away can you find them and bring them back to me", "Okay said the magician but only if you get some new machines for elf's and get a room for the fairies", "I'll do anything" sobbed Santa.

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