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mass media

             The first article I read was about two popular talk radio figures. They both hosted popular commentary and opinion shows during the 1930's, when radio was one of the most important pieces of furniture in a house.
             Father Charles W. Coughlin started hosting a radio show in 1926 to raise money for a new church, after his was burned down, by the Ku Klux Klan. The name of his show was The Golden Hour of the Flower, and by 1930 Coughlin had millions of listeners across America on 17 different CBS stations. Coughlin's show in 1932 was considered by CBS to be too controversial, and was dropped. In turn Coughlin "organized a radio network of more than 60 station to carry his program" (Goode 1998; 3). Coughlin also endorsed Roosevelt's "New Deal", with a slogan "Roosevelt or Ruin". Late 1930's Coughlin denounce criticizers of Hitler, in turn The US Roman Catholic hierarch order Coughlin to silence, after that he lost most of his listeners.
             Will Rogers was a famous movie star, and newspaper columnist, who started a radio show in 1933 on NBC, for Gulf Oil Co. Every Sunday for a half an hour, right after Father Coughlin's show. Rogers show was completely opposite of Coughlin show, Rogers was completely spontaneous and not at all organized. Also Rogers dislike doing the show in a lonely empty studio, so he invited an audience to sit in and watch him. Rogers was also a fan of Roosevelt, saying, he was a good leader during times of trouble. Rogers had a talent being able to read the mood of the country; he was better at in than any other talk radio personality then and now.
             Overall these two personalities are completely different. On every topic, and in their styles, Coughlin and Rogers were very far apart. Coughlin was organized, passionate, and acute. When Rogers was down-home, laid back, and easy going. In the end these two were extremely influential in talk radio.

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