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Life as a Rollercoaster

            While some objects may appear to not have deeper meanings, others emerge with just a hint of imagination and research to represent the human experience in present society. Such objects are a camera, battery, ice-cream sundae, and a bridge. In general, all of these objects are used to demonstrate the different facets of life.
             To remember all of the good times that one shares in a lifetime, a camera is used to look back into past experiences. Just as in life, we ponder upon all of the positive remembrances. The camera's focus knob helps to put things that are confusing in life into a better perspective. Putting the camera strap around us shows support to all of our memories and helps us hold onto and develop more moments in life to cherish. Zooming in on a camera helps us look closer at more important details in our lives. It also helps us look at things at an up close aspect in our lifestyle.
             Every single day in our lives, we start out full of energy just as a battery starts out fully charged before you use it. All day long it slowly drains down just as our body's energy decreases. By the end of the day, it is time to recharge our battery. Our body also needs recharging by sleeping. Different size batteries are used for different tasks as they take more energy to perform difficult obstacles in life. DAD, PLEASE HELP WITH MORE EXAMPLES ABOUT BATTERIES AND LIFE. XIE XIE.
             Different obstacles are thrown at us in life just as different items are put on a sundae. The ice cream makes up the basic foundation of the sundae, making it life's essential component. The flavored syrups are added sweeteners, maybe like a spouse because they show love and compassion. The whipped cream serves as an extra perk to our lives because there are often added bonuses. A cherry on top shows the finishing touch as we have succeeded in life. It symbolizes an additional surprise or acknowledgment to one's life accomplishments.

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