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"Striving to Get to the Top

            Being twenty-one years old and overcoming many obstacles in my life, has helped me accomplish many things. These accomplishments fall into three categories: personal, academic, and professional. My personal accomplishments have helped me focus on bigger things in life, and develop who I am now. Accomplishing my academic goals has helped me pursue my professional life. Being a responsible and reliable person has helped me continue my professional goals. All these accomplishments have contributed to my development as a person.
             One major accomplishment in my life was having my daughter. Not having much of a childhood and watching other children grow up with their families helped me give my child a life I never had. Giving her all of my attention and limiting my activities by putting her before everything else, makes me feel better about the way I am raising her. Having her in my life has inspired me even more to continue my education. Knowing I am someone she will be looking up to, motives me to show her that she can do and be whatever she decides to in life. Having my daughter has made me grow into a more mature person, and has helped me make better choices for our lives.
             Being the first person in my family to graduate from high school and continue my education was a big step for me. Family members kept telling me I was not going to amount to anything, and was going to turn out just like my siblings by not finishing their education. These things made me not only want to succeed in graduating high school but also further my education. I grew up not having the nice things in life, and having to struggle to get what I wanted on my own. This experience made me realize that I am the only person that can make anything happen for myself, and depending on others was going to get me no where. By having this kind of mentality I know I will be able to graduate from college with the degree I want and be successful in life.

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