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            The National Masters Racquetball Association.
             Racquetball is a game that requires a great deal of endurance and physical exertion. For this reason you would not expect someone the at is over the age of 75 to actively participate in this sport. The national masters racquetball association however, is a national organization that is dedicated to male and female players age 45 and older. They even have a few members and players that top 85yrs old.(1) .
             In 1971 ten players, all over the age of 45 decided to meet in Newcastle, New York to play a tournament and socialize with people of similar interest.(1) As with most people, f you have the unfortunate luck of losing in the first round of a tournament, you probably will not get to play again, spending the rest of your time watching other players enjoying themselves. The NMRA agreed to adopt a round robin style that allowed each player to have a match until the tournament is complete. Participants at NMRA events can compete in singles, doubles, and mixed double divisions. The leagues are divided into tiers, separating the participants by 5-year increments with a men's and women's league(1).
             Many of the members of the NMRA say that the found camaraderie and friendship that cannot be matched, and get to play some highly competitive. Possibly the closeness of the participants is one reason that all the tournaments are self refereed. If there is a point that is disagreed upon, the point is replayed. The players strive to put the integrity of the game above winning. People that win can take home quite a large sum of money, depending on the number of participants. All tournaments the NMRA conducts are sanctioned by the United States Racquetball Association as level 5 events (level 6 is the highest).(1).
             If you are age 45 or higher , if you desire to participate in a highly competitive environment, and possibly make some new friends, then dust off your racquet and contact the NMRA.

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