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             Corn is a commodity that varies on many different levels. The rise and fall of the futures prices could be due to many things such as the condition of the crops. The particular year we had a rather dry summer and fall. This may have affected the crops to a great extent. Also, the demand for corn may also have risen due to the fact that America has become a more health conscious society. This often leads to a very high demand for fruits and vegetables.
             OPTIONSMary Person.
             Natalie Martin .
             November 26, 2002.
             ISOM 332.
             The Goal.
             "The goal is about people trying to understand what makes their world tick so that they can make it better"(iii). It's about learning the consequences of a manager's positive and negative actions when running a production process. The author, Eliyahu Goldratt, presents this to his readers in a form of a captivating novel about a man who not only has to deal with the problems that occur at work on a day-today basis, but also the problems that he deals with at home. Alex Rogo is the plant manager who is constantly struggling to meet the output requirements that is needed to keep his plant booming. As with many companies he deals with a consistent lack of communication between accounting, marketing, and the production departments. However, through his many questions and his persistence Rogo is able to encounter many problems within his plant's production process that have went unexposed for years. Through an old teacher, Jonah, he is able to identify and manage the problems that he comes across and he is also given future suggestions of things that should be implemented in to his plant.
             Jonah and Rogo's interaction is not only a learning device for Rogo, but also the reader. Jonah (the teacher) never provides Rogo with any answers. He allows for Rogo to utilize his own knowledge to reach a solution to his plant's problem. In the first meeting between the two Jonah tells Rogo, "Think about it Alex.

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