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Tell Me I'm Here

            Tell Me I"m Here is a multi-genre text; it is written as a narrative, with an expository function. The author, Anne Deveson, takes this approach in order to achieve her two objectives, to educate the reader about schizophrenia and to tell Jonathan's story. The boundaries between these genres are indistinct, as she educates the reader by including data, within the narrative, that she has discovered throughout her research. Without the use of this information, the reader would have little or no general knowledge of schizophrenia and would, therefore, feel less affectionate towards Jonathon, believing that his episodes are due to his attitude rather than the illness. These two purposes, work together to achieve Deveson's general aim of eradicating stigmas, which have been presented to society, largely through the influence of the media. These stigmas include such labels as psychotics, and have been stereotyped through movies such as "Psycho" and "The Shining".
             Many facts and figures are contained within the text of Tell Me I"m Here. The use of these, allows Anne Deveson to inform the reader about schizophrenia, and construct realities such as how large a proportion of society has the sickness, making it more personal and striking to the reader. Many forms of data are used in the text to inform the reader; these include statistics, eyewitness statements, and facts and discoveries. These excerpts of information are incorporated into the appropriate moments of Jonathon's life. For example on pg.160, when she's criticised by Dr. T who says "Which one had the gene, eh mother, eh?" After this crude comment, she launches into her researched information about schizophrenia; saying it could be partially hereditary, as statistics show there is a 10% probability that a child of a schizophrenic may develop the illness, for which she then had no control over.

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