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Stuid white men reveiw

             I can't stop reffering stupid white men to people. I told practicly everyone that i know, well everyone that i know that read books and instead of waiting for the movie based on it, to pick up a copy today or at least borrow mine. And why? Stupid white men is an excellent boook. Why? well, to start of it's an fun read. But what it is also is an honest view from an average american about the society he lives in. That's what makes the book to put it so excellent, cause obviusly as we can by example see in Jay Leno's Jaywalk the average american is not well informed about the state of the world or the state of the society which they live in. In fact the general populace seems to be not imformed about much anything at all, well mabey except when the next episode of everybody loves Raymond is airing. And that seems to be part of the problem with the american society, well at least one of them, all the informatoin they seem to be getting is from media created to entertain. Or like Michael Mooore states in the the book media to frighten the general public, not on purpose but violence, horror and bloodshed gets ratings and entertains the general american public, examples of this are shows like wildest police chases II, whree the whole point of the show is to show some black guy driving really fast and then crash into something. Example "let's see that black guy crashing into something and mortally wound himself in the process for the fourth time in slow motion". But im getting sidetracked here, what i find to be the greatest thing about this book is that here's a book filled with information about the state of america, it's problems and suggesting solutions to those problems in a media of entertainment. That's why this is a excellent book. Well one of the reasons at least. .
             In the world today america has they're fingers in just about everything, if each country in the world was a pie, they would have tasted nearly all of them and given their thoughts to what they think could have been done better with the recipe.

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