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white fang

             In Jack London's novel, White Fang, different themes are being expressed and the illustration of the characters in the novel. He demonstrates love, death, and survival throughout the novel. London symbolizes in conflicts and brilliantly magnifies the climax, which is used in the nature of the novel, along with the reluctant settings.
             John Griffith London (Jack London) was born January 12, 1876, in San Francisco, California (Hile 121). Jack London was the son of William Henry Chaney, an astrologer and Flora Wellman, a music teacher (Hile 121). Jack London adopted the surname of stepfather, John London.
             Jack London attended University of California, Berkeley, 1897-98 (Hile 121). Jack London married Bessie Mae Maddern (a tutor) April 7, 1900 and later divorced in 1905. He later married Clara Charmain Kittredge, November 1905. During his marriages he had kids. His first marriage he had two daughters one named Joan and the other named Bess. His second marriage he had a daughter named Joy. .
             Later on in his life, he did a number of good and bad jobs. He was a novelist, short story writer, and political essayist. He had a number of odd jobs. He was a salmon canner, oyster pirate, patrol agent of San Francisco shore police, seal fisher, jute mill worker, coal shoveler, and a laundry worker.
             He later traveled many places in search for a new way out of life. In 1890 he joined Coxey's army. It was a band of jobless men who marched to Washington, DC, and tramped throughout the United States and Canada. In 1895 he went to be a gold miner in the Yukon Territory hoping to find some riches. Later on, Jack London ran for mayor of Oakland, California, on a socialist ticket.
             Jack London wrote numbers of great stories. He wrote Call of the Wild, The Sea Wolf, The Game, White Fang, A Daughter of the Snow, The Cruise of the Dazzler, Before Adam, and many more short stories (Garrett 195). .
             In Jack London's later life he died of an overdose of morphine, November 22, 1916, in Glen Ellen, California.

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