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White Fang

             Two outdoorsmen named Bill and Henry, are out in the wild of the north. They are to deliver a body and a coffin. The body in the coffin is of a famous person. Their dogs begin disappearing one by one. The men begin to become scared. A she-wolf has teased the dogs to come to her one by one. As they come to her they are attacked by the pack of wolves and are eaten. Only two dogs are left with the men.
             Bill and Henry have only three rounds of ammunition left. Bill uses the ammunition to try and save one of his dogs from the wolves. His shot misses and he is eaten by the pack of wolves. Henry knows it is just a matter of time before he is devoured by the wolves. .
             Henry gathers leaves and branches to keep the fire going. He pulls the two dogs next to him and tries to keep the wolves away with the fire. The wolves keep coming closer to the fire and to Henry. The wolves want to eat. They have been starving for a very long time. Henry barely escapes being eaten when he is saved by a company of men who traveled by.
             The wolf pack runs and continues hunting for easy food. The pack is led by several wolves besides the she-wolf. When the pack of wolves finally finds food, they split into two packs. The she-wolf mates with one of the leader males and leaves the pack to have her litter in an abandoned cave. Only one of the litter lives after several long periods without food and very bad weather. The puppy grows strong in body as well as his character. The she-wolf teaches this puppy the arts of hunting and basic survival. The she-wolf is unusual as she is half dog and half wolf. .
             Both the puppy and the mother leave the woods and come to an Indian village. The she-wolf's master lives in this village. The master's name is Gray Beaver. Gray Beaver catches the she-wolf again and her puppy, now called White Fang stays nearby. The she-wolf is soon traded to another Indian and Gray Beaver keeps White Fang to raise.

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