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Whit fang

            For my book report I read the story White Fang, by Jack London. White Fang is the story a wolf cub and his struggle to survive and grow into a wolf. The cub was the only survivor of his litter and lived with his mother, half dog half wolf, in a den for the first months of his life. The cub and his mother were found by a tribe of Indians. One of the Indians, Grey Beaver, once owned the cub's mother, who is called Kiche. Grey Beaver named the cub White Fang. White Fang lived with the Indians and began to see man as the gods. He also became very hostile because the other dogs at the camp hated him and always attacked him. He became a very good fighter and killed many dogs that fought him. When Grey Beaver took White Fang with him to Fort Yukon to trade his leather good he ended up trading White Fang to a man Named Beauty Smith. Beauty was a mad man that wanted White Fang for one reason only, to have him fight other dogs and bet on him. White Fangs defeats every dog that challenges him until he fight a bulldog. The bulldog is not phased by White Fangs slashes and eventually gets hold of White Fangs throat. This could have been the end for White Fang but two men come along and stop the fight. One of The men, Weedon Scott, purchases White Fang from Beauty Smith. Scott and his dog musher, Matt, take White Fang to their home. They try to soften White Fang, but it takes a lot of work. Eventually White Fang starts to like Weedon Scott. He learns to love him. This is the first time he felt love since he was a young cub. White Fang becomes a very likable dog and is loved very much by his master. .
             White Fang faced many conflicts in the story, but the major problem he faced was the fact that he was a wild animal and was naturally ferocious. His hostility became greater than nature had ever intended. As a young wolf he was constantly attacked by the other dogs at the Indian camp. He came to hate his own kind.

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