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White Fang movie/book comparison

             The book was so different than the actual movie, even though there were a few similar scenes in both. The book described the entire life of White Fang and his perspective on things that happened to him. The book also went into detail on how difficult it was for White Fang's mother to survive when she searched for food and obstacles she came across when she faced another animals and man.
             White Fang was one out of a litter of five pups. His mother, she-wolf, was a dog and his father, One Eye, a true wolf. White Fang was a gray cub taking after his father and looked nothing like his brothers and sisters who inherited red hair from their mother. White Fang was also the fiercest of the litter. While they lived in a cave, White Fang was always moving towards the front of the cave because of his curiosity. His mother always pushed him back because he was not ready. When it was time, White Fang was allowed to leave the cave for a short time so that he could learn how to work the land for food and safety. White Fang learned the saying, "Eat or Be Eaten." .
             The book goes into detail describing the adventures of White Fang living with the Indians. He saw his mother show signs of submission and answer to the name of Kiche. It was hard for him to watch because he knew what kind of strength his mother had living with her in the wild. White Fang's mother had lived with the Indians at one time but ran away when there was no meat for the dogs and survived living with the wolves in the wild. At this point White Fang was learning how big the world was now and how to live at the camp. He had to learn how to survive and was very smart in doing it. White Fang and his mother became separated and White Fang was sold to become a dog fighter. He learned how to take care of himself in a big fight and how to cause a lot of damage to a dog in a short time. White Fang met his match when he fought the bulldog.

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