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White Fang

            White Fang is an endearing story of a young man and the dog that he befriends on his journeys to find fortune in the harsh Yukon. Jack London presents this classic tale of the gold rush to the American Northwest. Jack London grew up in the seedier part of his town. He saw many good people grow to enter a life of crimes because it was the only thing that they could do. London is known to be the greatest writer of nature stories and animal tales. He also has some recurring themes throughout his novels. He focuses on animals as humans, stresses Darwinism, and believes that one's actions are dictated by their surroundings.
             London portrays animals as humans and men as animals in his books. This may be by their actions, or thoughts. He possesses love for his master, Scott. Enough love, in fact, that he would leave everything to come with him to California. He also has nightmares, which suggests that he has a consciousness. He gives the animals intelligence enough to trick the humans. This is shown when Kirche sneaks amongst the dogs and is given a fish. The dogs, sensing a threat, got close to the camp of the humans, which was unusual. Henry said, "They"re pretty wise, them dogs."(p 107) Also, White Fang has a substantial amount of deductive capability. When his mother leaves the den, he wonders how the she wolf can pass through the, " white wall of light."(p 153) He also goes on to contemplate why he cannot pass through the other walls. He learns well, and that is why he survives so long, and why he is considered one of the fiercest dogs ever.
             He uses the theory of survival of the fittest in his novel. However, in this novel it is more along the lines of the law of nature. All the living animals in the forest strictly obey this law. The fight over Kirche, White Fang's mother, between One-eye and the others is an example of this. They had to fight each other to win the right to mate with her, and thus, the right to live and continue their line.

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