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White Fang

             Jack London's novel White Fang portrays the life of a young wolf/dog and his fight for survival. White Fang's journey from owner to owner if filled with love and hate in this harsh environment. Throughout this novel London sends the message that life is full of struggles (conflicts) but most people find a way to overcome them as did White Fang, but in the end its survival of the fittest. In order to make this message well received by the reader London uses setting and conflict.
             Setting is a necessary element of fiction for this novel to come together. Since the setting is outside during the entire novel it is imperative that it be described well. The following quotes are fabulous descriptions of the setting and the dangers that come along with it: An open portion of the stream that flashed in the sun . . . the lip of the cave on which he crouched (pg 41). The urge of his awakened instinct of fatherhood was strong upon him . . . carrying the ptarmigan in his mouth (pg32). These examples along with the text of the novel prove that, in fact setting is a significant element of fiction used to send the message to the audience.
             Along with setting, conflict is another element of fiction, which is important to ensure that London's message is clear. Throughout With Fang's journey he must learn to deal with conflicts not only between other dogs, but also with himself and mother nature. The following quote is an example of man vs. man (or in this case dog vs. dog) conflict between White Fang and Lip-lip: But Lip-lip had lived his life in camp and had fought many puppy fights . . . born so, with natures destined perpetually to clash (pg 58). In the quote "He experience two great impulsions - to yield and to fight (pg 53)." White Fang is facing an internal conflict and must decide if these people are friend or foe. Finally, "Famine came again . . . nor did he get one mouthful of meat for himself (pg 45).

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