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paper making

             The purpose of lab is to show how paper is developed. Some of the goals was also to be able to visualize the paper being made and having the ability to see the equipment used to make the paper.
             First, we went through the different chemicals and fibers to strengthen the art paper. The fibers used are hemp, arundo denax, softwood and wheat straw. There's a percentage of how much of the material is put into the art paper. There is about 15% of hemp, about 40% of arundo denax, about 15% of softwood, and 30% of wheat straw is in the paper.
             The chemicals are added into the stock tank in a certain order depending on what kind of paper is being made. Starch is a positive charged chemical that comes early as well as the chemical talc. The starch, along with the sizing agent is used for water repellency. Talc is used for the coat of the paper and it stops the sticky stuff.
             The equipment used in order so the paper will come out right. In order the paper reel, paper dryer, paper press, paper forming section, chemical addition points, Variable speed pumps, and then the stock tanks. This is the order the equipment is used.
             The consumer wants the paper to be strong. The consumer also wants have great water repellency. Also the consumer wants low opacity. The way the paper is tested is by pulling the paper to see if it tears easily and also dropping a drop of water to see its water repellency.

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