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Influence of a Parent

            Parents raise their children with no morals and no ethics in society, but hope and pray that the child will learn these things on his own, which is doubtful. The morals and ethics are respect, obedience, and lessons that are taught at an early age. In the stories "Everyday Use," "The Glass Menagerie," and "Second-Hand Man," show that these morals and values cannot be taught when a father abandons his family and fails to teach these important lessons. A child not raised by two parents is often confused and emotionally different from other children.
             "Everyday Use" is a story that has no father. When a father is not present to help the mother raise the children, there is confusion in the family because a child cannot ask for the father's opinion to base his opinion on life. The children are strictly confined to the mother's opinion and there is no one to present an opposing viewpoint. A father is supposed to be the head of the house, but in the story of "Everyday Use," there is no father mentioned. .
             The mother, in this case the head of the house, makes a mistake at the first of the story by showing favoritism toward Dee. That she favors Maggie is shown in the stanza of the mothers "dream[ing] a dream in which Dee and I are suddenly brought together on a TV program-(116). Most families with two parents discuss amongst themselves what their doing wrong and help each other for the benefit of the child or children. In this story, the mother has no other opinions to compare to; she is stuck with her opinion in favoring Dee. If the father were around, he would tell her that this is wrong, or he would favor Maggie to equally ease the burden between the two children. Maggie is provoked to wrath by the statement of " eyeing her sister with a mixture of envy and awe"(116).
             In "The Glass Menagerie" is similar to the story "Everyday Use." The father who appears over the mantel.
             " left us a long time ago.

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