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Boys in the Hood

             I saw a direct relationship between material and non-material culture in this film. The material culture was very negative. They lived in a world of guns, trashy houses, dead bodies, drug addicts, and murderers. This material culture is a direct effect of this movies non-material culture, which is very corrupt. Morals aren't even apparent in this culture. Most kids are expected to amount to nothing, but drug dealers or crack heads. Few will succeed, but it's a very small percent.
             B. Customary ways of living were very poor. There were no positives. Customary ways of behaving were acts of violence, and a daily fight to survive.
             C. There were very few if any rules in this society. Norms were killing stealing and the fight to survive. The effect this had on social control was total chaos.
             D. Material and non-material culture in the film were very out of the ordinary, which is why their world is so harsh.
             E. Symbols and language in this film were very dark and foul, therefore behaviors and attitudes were no better.
             F. Boys in the Hood basically had nothing but black people in their society. There were a few white people. One was Rickys recruiter, the others were all cops. Their society looked at cops as evil because they come in the way of their daily life to often. Police brutality was also a major problem.
             G. Their always seemed to be somewhat of a negative conflict in the air.
             Menace II Society.
             A. Material objects were items such as guns, 40's and drugs. Everyone in this film had something to do with at least one of these items. Non-material culture consisted of people with basically no values, and a mind set that you must kill to stay alive.
             B. A customary way of behaving was to find a way to stay ahead of the game. School wasn't an option. Everyone believed that school wasn't going to teach them how to survive on the streets. As a result of that either you don't go, or once you graduate high school you"re done.

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