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money spoil sports

             More people are attending sporting events. Sports have a really unique ability, and they bring people of all races, genders and social classes together . Sports also give people a sense of hope. When fans saw their favorite player score a touchdown or hit a homerun , they can feel so happy. However, there is a concern of fans of professional sports is that money would spoil everything. It seems that the problem is becoming more and more serious .
             First of all, although fans are necessary in sports, many fans have become angry with the high priced contracts given to professional athletes. Athletes are making more money in one year than the average fan will in their lifetime. Thats an amazing price. These high priced contracts also drive up the ticket prices and concession prices which further outrages the fan. These days sports are truly a rich mans game all the way around. Essentially, sports should entertain all kind of people, but money is keeping poor people from sports.
             Secondly, the high salaries of athletes is that it has taken the competitiveness out of sports such as baseball. In Major League Baseball , there are big market teams and there are small market teams. Big market teams include teams such as the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles. Small market teams include the Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos and the Milwaukee Brewers. The problem in baseball is that all the good players who become free agents go to the big market teams. No player wants to play in a small market because there is no marketability for his skills there and even if he did the small market team wouldn't have the money to sign him anyway. If Major League Baseball doesn't do something about this problem, I think the sport will lose its competitiveness and this will further drive the fan away from the game.
             Another problem developing in sports is that there is no loyalty in sports anymore.

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