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Cal Ripken Jr.

             The author of the book that I read for my biography book report was Glen Macnow. Glen Macnow is a sports business writher for the Philadelphia Inquirer and has his own sports talk show on a local television station. He lives in a suburb of Philadelphia with his wife Judith and sons Ted and Alex.
             The Main character of this book was Cal Ripken, Jr. When this book was written Cal Ripken, Jr. Was the best shortstop in major league history. But we all know that he now plays 3rd base. Ripken won the most Valuable Player award twice, in 1983 and in 1991. One of Ripkens biggest accomplishments is that he has been in every all-star game since 1983. Cal Ripken is probably the most dedicated player in major league history. Ripken has never missed a game since 1982, beating Lou Gehrigs record for the most consecutive games played in 1995. Not long after his father was replaced as manager he signed a great deal with the Orioles. Cal would earn $2.45 million a year for three seasons. Suddenly becoming the best-paid player in all of sports. Another record that Ripken broke was he made 3 errors in 161 games, and old record was six, which is pretty good because out of 680 chances for the season he only bobbled three. In the off season before the 1991 season began Cal received some help from Frank Robinson to help him on his hitting from his horrible slump in the previous season. They worked hard in the .
             Humbolt 2.
             offseason and by the 1991 season he was ready to roll, Cal had his best season this year, he hit .323 with 46 doubles, 34 homers, and 114 RBIs. Looks like it payed off.
             This story took place all over the usa, and on the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.
             The three facts that we are suppose to have for this book is pretty much the whole paper.
             The reason that I chose this book was because I have always liked Cal Ripken Jr. and I believe that he is the best baseball player ever so I thought that it would be kinda neat to do a biography report over him.

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