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censoring a generation

             When you think of the Beatles, you don't picture four men dressed in white smocks - covered with raw, bloody meat - and surrounded by decapitated baby dolls. This image is the original cover from the album "Yesterday and Today" released in June of 1966. But you'll never see that cover when you browse through the Beatles section at your local record store. Capitol Records pulled the album cover after only a few weeks in circulation. The Beatles own idea of expression, could not be expressed in society due too peoples complaints and ideas of what is "appropriate." Expression, is just one aspect of the music people create. Music censorship suppresses an artist's individual expression. Violating the right to free speech. .
             The Encarta world English dictionary defines censorship as "the suppression of all or part of a publication, play, or film considered offensive or a threat to security (Encarta)" Music Censorship is censorship, when applies to music, and other areas of art. The suppression that censorship makes, holds people back from being themselves, thus, creating a society of brainwashed people that are forced to think, and express themselves in a certain way, without any room for the spirit to grow. The idea of censorship is something that will hold us all back.
             II PROVONG AN OPINION:.
             The lives of young people today are not simple, but incredibly complex. Our children are quick, sharp thinkers who try to deal with a difficult world (Nelson). When the world doesn't work as well as it was intended, many turn to music. Because of the diversity allowed in the music industry, people are able to find music they like that they can relate too. Then finding people they relate to, based on tastes in music. Now that doesn't mean that just because two people have the same musical interests, that they will be friends, but for many, it provides a basis for conversation or friendship. Music does much more for people than those who censor it may think.

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