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            The six characters in the book Hiroshima by John Hersey were faced with a horrific tragedy. All six had their lives affected physically by the initial blast from the bomb and some were hurt by the radiation later on. Some were scared emotionally and mentally by the loss of their homes and were forced to start all over again. Even faced with this adversity everyone forages ahead and strives to make their lives the way they used to be, before the blast. Nobody just lays around the house all day feeling sorry for themselves. Everybody gets up and works hard to get their lives back on track. We see in the book that through hard work and perseverance any goal can be achieved.
             Father Kleinsorge is one person who had a goal to help everyone no matter the cost. Father Kleinsorge was hospitalized for a year after the atomic bomb was dropped. He was so sick he had to remain in bed for that entire year. When he is finally released from the hospital he lives his life as nothing happened to him. He goes out and helps others in the community and does his usual pastoral life. "He had taken on himself the Japanese spirit of enryo "setting the self apart, putting the wishes of others first- (111). He never once feels sorry for himself. Father Kleinsorge would be so tired and sick at times he would collapse, but the next day he was out around town helping other. He wanted to help others more than anything in the world. Father Kleinsorge is faced with adversity everyday. The tiredness and pain he felt would make it easy to only work half hearted. His courage allows him to overcome the adversity he is faced with and continue with his pastoral life. Each time Kleinsorge is faced with a problem he uses his courage and perseverance to conquer and solve it. This shows his dedication to his beliefs and his work ethic. Kleinsorge is so dedicated to helping others that he would often give up things so others could have them.

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