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Crucible and The Scarlet Lette

             The storys The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter both have society and .
             environmental circumstances that drives the characters to behave how they do. The characters .
             John Proctor, Hester Pryne, and Arthur Dimmesdale are characters who are influenced by their .
             storys society or environment exposure. An environmental influence or condition can effect a .
             person either by forcing the person to exist in an unusual way of life or the person is used to it .
             and finds no problem with that way of being. In the case of a society pressuring or influence, .
             other peoples thoughts about the way a person is can effect the way they will act to fit in or .
             follow what is beleived to be the right way of life.
             The case with John Proctor seems to be based on both environment and .
             society. John is a man of pride and he wont do what is wrong in his mind. For example, when .
             he faces the judges about the witch craft accusations he refuses to comply to their need to .
             persist on beleiving witch craft is true. But soon his mind is changed because of the environment .
             he is facing. John thinks that it would be dangerous for the people to die without reason and .
             decides to falsely confess to witch craft so that maybe others will follow and be saved from the .
             lies of the judges.
             From what I see, Hester Pryne had a conflict mostly from society based on the .
             way the town felt about her child and commitment of the sin she wears the scarlet letter for, .
             adultry. Society cast her out as if she were not human and she suffered for it because she .
             beleived it was not fit to commit adultry because society says it is a sin. She did not find her .
             husband sufficient for love because of his age and decided that Arthur was the man for her. The .
             town saw the child she had as a symbol of her sin as well as the scarlet letter she wore upon her .
             breast. That making her want Arthur to be in the picture with her so they can be as a family. .
             The fact of it being known that a minister should not have sexual relations let alone adultry was .

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