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Don't Look Back

             In Steven Holtzmans piece "Don't' look back-, he discusses the arguments between todays' media and the book'. Many say that the internet, CD's and other technological medias are taking precedence over the original version of media, in example the paperback book. The new advances of recording, storing and conveying knowledge is moving forward, off the paper and onto digital media. Speed and efficiency are among just a few advantages that technology has to offer now a days, but will it be able to replace the book in totality, or what kind of value does the book still hold?.
             As we progress through his reading, we see that he touches many aspects including the resistance of change. This I feel is a huge contributing factor to why many do not embrace the qualities of todays' technology. "There will be nothing to replace the reading of a book or a newspaper in bed- (94); which is true, but that doesn't mean that technology is set out to abolish the book from existence. My grandmother is one that supports this resistance, or should I say did. She was one who would want us to take time, and sit down read the paper, or a book. I would tell her I just don't have the time, and that I rather be able to jump online, being able to skim over a summary, or an outline on today's events. That was when we had introduced her to the internet, something that now she can't get enough of.
             This leads me into another section of his writing, "Enhancing the Digital- (94). The internet, and or computer are the choice of entertainment today. It ranges from talking to friends or family members directly, to watching a movie or reading the news. Digital media controls almost all aspects of our lives, ranging from the Stock Market, to the content you watch on TV. It is unavoidable and as Holtzman points out, "We need to develop a new aesthetic "a digital aesthetic.""(94).
             "Digital technology is a part of our lives; a part of our lives that we know will only continue to grow.

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