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When Things Go Wrong Sometimes

             Even the smartest people who seem like nothing could go wrong in thier lives will be wrong sometimes. As the author of the subjects I write about, alot of people think I am so smart. Well earlier this week somebody told me "You have too much pride and you think that you can't be wrong", the truth is I dont like to see wrong things in my life as well as in the people around me. I always try to analayze and try to search for a better reason. If a person says something I try to see beyond it and discover what is inside of them. The truth is no matter how hard we try we cannot read people's minds. I can sense things but I can never determine what it is someone is really believing or thinking of. Usually with so much silence it is harder to determine what is happening. So my point here is that, we cannot always be right about something or someone and it hurts when things go wrong. The most important thing is to not be ignorant and think as a human being you are always right.
             I talked to so many people this summer about personal issues, and heard about their experiences. I experienced a change I never thought I could have in my life. For the first time things didnot turn out as planned. I dont know if it was for the better or if it was for the worse, but it happened and now it is my responsibility to deal with it. As for the people I talked to most of them lost a great love and it was so difficult. To love someone so deeply then lose them is the worse feeling in the world especially when you loved them so faithfully with all your heart and you were willing to try your best to make them happy. I saw tears coming down people's eyes and I cried with them. Things just went wrong.
             When things go wrong, we always claim it is no fair, we get all deppressed, or very angry. When you feel like this I know it is hard to ignore it, but we need to look at things in a different way.As for loving someone, I think we need to just accept it for how it is.

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