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            The true leader possesses vision - the ability to see beyond the short-term gain when choosing a solution. He or she can see with reasonable certainty how something that is done today will impact success tomorrow. Web America leaders never look for the easy answers but those that will reap long term results for the organization even if they move the firm in a totally new and more profitable direction. More importantly, a leader is able to communicate this vision to subordinates. We have designed our structure so that our leaders are able to empower subordinates to work as a cohesive team. We also highly encourage leaders to share their unique ability to inspire each department to take a project to greater heights and make them feel like they have ownership in the success of their firm. Each department slightly differs from one another but the goal to follow the 4 functions of management is standardized among the entire company.
             Call Center.
             The director of the Web America Call Center employs a "considerate" and "participative" leadership style. The managers of the various functions were handpicked and personally mentored by her, which created a strong mutual trust. Because they began as a core group of the new call center, a respectful friendship developed as they worked and planned toward the creation of the center together. For the four major functions, customer service, technical support, business services and productivity, each manager is.
             recruited by Web America because they were considered the best in their field. The director relies on their expertise and input when planning, making decisions, and solving problems. She delegates responsibility with confidence because she knows her managers are committed to the same goals that she is and is assured of their performance. Since the business of being an Internet Service Provider involves fast paced changes and technological advances, she must be a "transformational leader" to influence change and encourage innovation within her organization.

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