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cell phone

             In our world of being "on the go" and always rushing to do something, cell phones have become a necessity. People use them everywhere: schools, restaurants, malls, parks, and of course, in their cars. But what most people don't realize is that statistically, you are 25 more likely to get into a wreck while talking on a cell phone while driving. .
             When I see people yakking on the cell phones while driving, I just want to run into them and say, "shut up and drive!", but I really don't think they would even notice. Why? Because most are so engrossed into whatever conversation they are having that they pay little attention to the road, much less other drivers. .
             Picture this, you are sitting at home, watching TV and the phone rings. You either pay attention to the TV or pay attention to the conversation on the phone. It is pretty much impossible to devote 100% of your attention to both. It's the same with driving and talking on the cell phone. Not only is one hand holding the phone and not on the wheel, but your mind is not on driving safely, especially if it is an argument or a heated conversation. .
             The simple solutions to all of this "shut up and drive!" It's really easy. Pull over, either the side of the road, or into a parking lot and make or take your call. Not only will you be preventing a possible wreck, but you can devote 100% of your attention to your conversation, in a safe manner. .
             If you must drive and talk, consider getting ear set such as a "Jabra." This handy device fits in your ear and allows you to talk on a cell phone with your hands free. The Jabra is an all-in-one speaker and microphone that is only a small earpiece. While you will still be talking on the phone and to a degree, distracted, at least you will have both hands on the wheel. .
             Sure, we are all busy and need to be in touch with people constantly, run here, go there, pick this up, and take care of that. It makes me wonder, what the heck did people do before cell phones? Oh yeah, they drove.

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