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The will of dying

             The Will of Dying.
             Assisted suicide is when people go to a doctor and ask for help in taking them out of, their misery. Some people believe that suffering should not be an option and that laws should prevent this aid. However, the choice to die or suffer should be right of the patient.
             Assisted suicide is a good thing because people can find help from suffering. If they have a terminal illness, or other thing that can't be cured they should allowed to seek relief. It helps people. It helps them because killing them stops their suffering. Being alive in a hospital connected to a machine is suffering. Not being able to do anything is suffering. It should be a suffering person's right to die. The United States Constitution attempts to ensure us our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and happiness. Our lives are up to us. We should choose what we want to do. Everyone determines his or her own future. If someone wants to live or die, we should do what is right to that person. .
             A person on a machine is really dead. He is not alive. He cannot do anything. If you can't do anything you"re not really living. Living is being able to be happy. Living is being able to do things. Living is being able to communicate. Living is being able to speak for one's self. Why should we allow the law to determine someone's future? The law says it's a crime for a doctor to kill someone. What's more of a crime? How about allowing people to suffer, is that a crime? The state of Oregon has changed their laws regarding assisted suicide. According to Oregon law, "Doctors may provide but not administer a lethal prescription to terminally ill adult state residents. It requires that two doctors agree that the patient has less than six-months to live, has voluntarily chosen to die, and is able to make health-care decisions." (ABCNews.com "Temporary Block", William McCall) If Oregon can change their laws to recognize the rights of their citizens, why can't other states follow their lead? Oregon lawmakers have recognized that people have rights to do what they want to do for their lives.

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