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Roger and Me

            Based upon the documentary film, Roger and Me, the downfall of Flint Michigan's social, political and economic conditions are apparent. I believe that because the political conditions of Flint Michigan were never shown to be very strong in the film, the economic and social conditions were open to weakness. Once the economic dilemmas of Flint Michigan developed and continued to grow other problems followed. The whole regression of Flint Michigan began with Roger Smith's decision to move General Motors plants to Mexico which meant the loss decision to move General Motors" plants to Mexico which meant the loss of literally thousands of jobs for industry workers in Flint. company for thousands of people in Flint Michigan. Generations of family members had worked for the automobile company. Roger Smith's idea to capitalize off of General Motors began Flint's major problem of unemployment. With the increase of unemployment came the decrease in Flint's population. Many people could no longer afford to live in Flint and because there were no jobs being created for them they had little choice but to leave. Though it may not have been considered the responsibility of Roger Smith, some kind of pension plan, job fair, or creation of other jobs should have been available to the thousands of workers who were laid off. If Roger Smith and James Blanchard had met together when Roger Smith was first contemplating his idea of moving the General Motors plants something could have been done to prepare the city and its occupants for or even prevent the conditions they were about to face. The rise in unemployment also lead to a rise of Flint's crime rate. So now, all because of Roger Smith's decision to move General Motors" plants Flint Michigan was falling apart. The only aspect of Flint that was not easily torn down was that which was not even physical, the moral of the people of Flint. .
             Though the economic conditions of Flint were failing the spirit of Flint was harder to destroy.

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