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             History 225.
             Paper 2.
             Why the British-American colonists rebelled against Great Britain.
             During the 1700's the most prominent nation that was developing in the new world was faced with a great decision, do we or do we not break away from Great Britain? England's constant pestering of the American colonist lead to the colonist asking themselves if they should do just that, break way from their mother country. Most of the nuisance from England consisted of unnecessary taxation and acts of all types that help lead the way to the American Revolution, which started in 1775.
             In the beginning of the establishment of the American colonies, each colony was developed and run by the people in the new world. Many of the colonists came to America by their own free will to escape England, for whatever reasons, whether being religious, economic, or social. Consequently, when England decided that they were going to crack down on the colonies, the announcement was not met with open arms. Over the past years such turmoil had occurred in the thinking of the colonists that the revolution was partially completed in their minds before the first shot was even fired.
             The American Revolution had its beginning mark with the French and Indian War, where the colonist fought with the British troops. After winning the war, Britain had a huge debt to pay. Therefore, to pay for these expenses, England came up with a plan. The plan was to have the colonies pay off the debt by putting burden of taxes and acts on them. Parliamentary taxation was a main source of the colonist's anger toward Britain. The colonist quickly reacted to the taxation by rebelling, seeing as they were being taxed without representation in England. In a statement by the colonist John Dickinson, he shows that the sole reason for taxes was just for the British government to make money, at the expense of the colonists.

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