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American History

            President Lincoln, President Johnson and Congress had differing ideas on how to.
             After the assassination of President Lincoln, .
             Congress and President Johnson had to answer two questions, did the South leave .
             the Union and if they did leave, should the United States punish them for .
             treason? President Lincoln and President Johnson promised easy terms of .
             reintegration into United States. Radical Republicans in the Congress wanted the .
             South punished for leaving the Union and causing the Civil War.
             President Lincoln's plan was to offer amnesty to Confederates taking the loyalty .
             oath; if ten percent of voters took the oath, statehood was re-established. .
             President Lincoln's major goal was to strength the Republican Party in the .
             South. President Johnson's plan was for Confederate leaders and wealthy .
             Southerners to ask presidential permission to take the loyalty oath. The .
             Southern would have to approve the Thirteenth Amendment. The Congressional plan .
             was to treat the south as a conquered territory by establishing military .
             governors to rule the Southern states and requiring the majority of it's .
             citizens to take the loyalty oath.
             President Johnson issued to proclamations on 29 May 1865. President Johnson's .
             first proclamation was to offer the former Confederates "amnesty and pardon, .
             with restoration of all rights and property" if they would swear allegiance to .
             the Constitution and the United States. This offer was made only to those who .
             were not government officials of the Confederacy or had taxable property valued .
             at over $20,000. Those that fell into this category could apply for individual .
             pardons. President Johnson's second proclamation prescribes the steps by which .
             southern states could reestablish state government. President Johnson would .
             appoint a provisional governor who would call a state convention of those who .
             were loyal to the United States to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment. .
             Congressional Republicans opposed President Johnson's reconstruction plan, they .

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