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            A great man once said, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself". Before I can even begin to explain what this man meant I must ask, is it really that bad to graduate from junior high? Now I know a lot of you must think it's the end of the world, losing half of your friends separating and going to different schools saying goodbye to this ever so caring and giving faculty. Others might see this as a new beginning a clean slate a blank page in the book of our lives. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States said this to the people of America when they were in a state a paranoia, now I say this to you. Although we are all moving on to bigger and better things I know there are the few of us who believe that High school is horrific, for those few may they remember what they felt like before entering Jr. High. Terrified not knowing, innocent little seventh graders we all at one point were on the same level, the same thoughts were running through our heads the day we learned that we were going to be dissecting rats and frogs for a science grade or the minute we listened to our core teacher say that we were going to be memorizing the bill of rights. I know not every one of you got your locker to open on the first attempt or found your way around the building without asking anyone where the gym was. And how can anyone forget the days you found yourself racing up or down the wrong side of the stairs to make to class on time and finding a teacher at the top or bottom of them yelling at you to go back and come back the right way just as the bell is ringing, which made you even more late to your class but as a result some of us never learned our lesson. The very first time you were in the gym and the very first time you ran up that annoying slope that with each day after that seemed to get more and more steep. Even though everything seemed so new and different, by second quarter you felt completely at home and in no way an outcast.

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