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Utopian Government

             A utopian government althought idealistic is utterly impossible. If there was to be one the following are what I would like. First I would address citizen involvment in the government and society around it. Second I would like to adress the leadership in this country. Third is the division of power between , federal, state, local powers.
             First off Citizen involvment in government would be manditory. The percentage of voters in this country is insanly low. Every accounted for citizen will need to vite based on the debates and ideals of the candidate. Today in america's government people do not pay attention to anything going on around them. People wouldn't even know there was an election if it wasn't for the publicity and posters that are planted all over roads. People today know who the president is and thats about it. They only know this because of the publicity that he gets from media. A citizen should know who thier vice president is and who thier state representative is. If people know things like this and vote more people would get what they wanted out of candidates.
             In adressing the leadership in this country I would make it a bit more simple and better for doing what is right. Although our government is not a dictatorship is still has some trace points of one. We have one general leader who makes our decisions, the only difference is our governmeny has many branches under the president making sure he does not abuse his powers like a true dictator would be able to. In my government I would have more than one leader who made decisions. These leaders or (presidents) would have to report to a hierarchy(cabinet) that debates the idea and chooses wether to pass it or not. As far as leaders of Citys (mayors) they would have to report to a four person team of leaders for that state. Each leader covering different sections of the state. I would do this because each one area of a state is much different than the other.

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