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Happy Real-Life Marriage

            A happy real-life Marriage is all about these three things, trust, fun, and love. Marriage is a big commentment and you must make plenty of time for it. Marriage must have lots of trust, and honesty, for if you cant trust your partner or your partner can trust you then you might as well not get married. Fun is important in the marriage because id you al ways serious no fun what so ever, so still go on date to movie, dinner, or even mini golf. Love is also an important because you must love your partner or there is no point to marry them.
             Marriage is an important thing in life. You should get to know the person you want to merry before you go shot the bullet dont go to fast but yet dont make it like you never want to get married. Most "love at first sight marriages dont last that long because they did not take the time to get to know each other so they just got merried because they thought it would work when they did not think that far a head. Most People who go by love, trust, and fun normally stay married. Also try to do what you partner does even if you hate it just to make them fell better like you know each other more. Marriage is a long term commitment so dont get married untill you are 110% sure not even 99% is good enuff. So, dont get married untill you ready to commit your self to that person and dont clack off and love that person for the rest of your life. .

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