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            Personal Position Paper: Homosexuality.
             All around the world, boys and men are being pushed into the homosexual by those who supposedly love them. This harmful lifestyle promotes drugs, drinking, and sex with countless people, all to make yourself feel better. The homosexual lifestyle, though wrong and immoral, still needs the compassion of God.
             Christians who have driven men to become homosexuals in their family or in their church should be the most ashamed. God calls us to reach out to others and show them love, not push them away because they happen to be more effeminate than what the "ideal" man should be. In no way do I condone of the homosexual lifestyle, but rather I accept it. The worst way to "convert" anyone is by telling him or her that what he or she is doing is wrong. As Christians, we should not shun gays either. People have told me that gays cannot be Christians, and I ask why. They will answer back that it's because they live in a constantly sinful lifestyle and the Bible says being gay is wrong. To this I say, don't we live in a constantly sinful lifestyle and doesn't the Bible say not to live in sin? Though this is true, this does not rationalize it, or make it ok. The second reason I don't approve of it, the first being God says no, is because it is so harmful to the body.
             So, yes, the homosexual lifestyle is wrong and no, I am not defending it. I just want people to review their own sinful lives before they shun a homosexual who probably needs God's love more than anything, and who better to share it than a Christian? .

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